That fellow over there is the eyes and ears of our team, the ranger Lukrut Volve.”. The next morning, Ainz — also known as Momon — opened the guild’s doors once more. A dangerous look crept into the man’s eyes as Ainz’s taunt sank in. Since he was unarmored, his bulging muscles were clearly visible under his clothes. Ninya’s muttering was gloomy and solemn. We — herbalists, alchemists, everyone in the business of making potions — have studied for so long and accumulated so much experience, but yet we have not been able to achieve this idealized form!”. Ainz made to lighten the mood, but Lukrut stole a march on him and said, “Thank you for the firm rejection! We are simple adventurers, and companions. In this world, third tier spells were the highest which most magic casters could reach. Mithril. “That is hard to tell. What the hell are the both of you thinking? An illustration of a heart shape Donate. Thus, such an order made perfect sense. Log in sign up. Sunlight reflected off the water caught in wagon-ruts on the road. In the past, it’s been a couple of days on average.”, “Ah, yes. Frugally used, it was enough for a family of three to live on for three years. In addition Albedo was bound to Ainz by the twin shackles of "love" and "loyalty." The faces of the assistant leader Yuri Alpha as well as her other comrades appeared in Narberal’s mind. Sensing something like a color upon the wind, Britta sniffed several times, like a dog. Thus, it was heavily guarded. “Still, it can’t be helped. I’ve heard of a large graveyard which I want to visit… and the other reason why you’re staying here is to ward off intruders. Recovery potions turn blue during their manufacture, but yours is red. Her tapered eyes gleamed like onyxes, while her thick and lustrous black hair was tied into a ponytail. 2 (MANGA) (Overlord Manga) 01 by Maruyama, Maruyama, Kugane (ISBN: 9780316397667) from Amazon's Book Store. What if I was willing to help with your ritual? Images. Her face looked completely relaxed. Feeling vaguely out of place, Ainz advanced to the counter. We’ve lost some of our things and the Guild said that you’d prepare one for us if we asked.”. I am Nfirea Bareare, and I work as a herbalist in this city. “…And then? Britta was confused. This was one of the three spells known as “Bunny Magic” to the players of YGGDRASIL. The more important thing was his uneasiness over whether Narberal would do something big and blow their cover. When Peter said that this did not qualify as work, in YGGDRASIL terms, it was more like killing spawned monsters and taking the items they dropped. The receptionist’s firm voice seemed to encompass the silent opinions of the countless people who had worked hard to qualify themselves by the guild’s rankings. Before the boy could finish speaking, Ainz raised his hand to interrupt: “My deepest apologies, but I’ve already made an agreement with someone else for a job, so I cannot accept your request right away.”. Turning around, he saw the woman who had made that weird cry just now. The bell mounted on top of the door rang surprisingly loudly as she pushed open the front door. If things go bad, the news might spread beyond to others, and it’ll be a blatant advertisement to other YGGDRASIL players that we’re here. He had an annoying smile on his face, which was mirrored by everyone else at his table. Learn more. 11 (light novel): The Dwarven Crafter (Overlord (11)) Book 11 of 12: Overlord (light novel) | by Kugane Maruyama | Oct 29, 2019 4.9 out of 5 stars 146 The men lowered their heads. It looked like a meeting room, with a wooden table lined with chairs in the middle. Once, Ainz dreamed about that profession. “Next is our magic caster and the brains of our group, Ninya, The Spellcaster.”. Volume 2 Afterword. Let him know if there’s anything wrong with your body; he has medicine that’s good for stomach pains.”. After casting the two spells on the potion, a look of shock and anger appeared on Lizzie’s face. Or was there some special adventurer reason which made him say that it did not qualify? In addition, Albedo had no disguise skills and could not conceal her horns and wings, which was another point against her. A ruin?”, “What a shrinking violet you are. The man frowned as he heard the girl’s playful greeting. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. However, it suddenly went silent as a pair of figures emerged from a five story building nearby. I didn’t think you’d be able to see the future of Nazarick. If you’re not going to buy them from a specialist shop, why not get some dry rations from the counter? I must have missed the foot in front of me because of this closed helm, or perhaps your leg was just too short… well, that’s my excuse, can you forgive me for that?”. Although some parts of it fit his dreams of them — for instance, delving into the ruins of kingdoms destroyed by the Demon Gods two hundred years ago and investigating mysteries in uncharted lands — for the most part, they were simply monster hunters. Volume 2 Chapter 3 Wise King of the Forest. Humans are worthless trash.”. According to the Guild receptionist, there were no adventurers in the Slaine Theocracy, while life had gotten worse for adventurers in the Baharuth Empire after the ascension of their new Emperor. While the others all wore armor, he wore a leather robe. Listen to AudioBook in the best quality ... «Overlord (Light Novel) - Volume 2 Chapter 5 Epilogue ... Share. Then, the whole place fell silent, as though startled by the noise. After she entered, she found herself in something that looked like a guest lounge. Forget it, if it’s hard for you to just call me Momon, then Momon-san will do. That excited voice was starting to annoy her. If it’s all right with you, could you permit everyone here to accept the job that you just offered?”, “I don’t mind that. Those eyes sparkled with excitement. It could be said that most players were level one hundred. That said, plains were also dangerous places. The person who was already within the room stared at the two people who had barged in. “Let’s go,” Ainz curtly told Narberal. A night is five coppers. His voice was higher-pitched than the others. Then, can I see the potion?”. If someone asked me whether Albedo-sama or Shalltear-sama was more suitable to sit beside Ainz-sama, I would definitely answer with your name, Albedo-sama.”, 『Kufu—! A group of adventurers had just departed, freeing up one of the counters. Close. The man watching his surroundings from his hiding place in the dark corners of the room heard those words, and his shoulders trembled. A silver necklace with a lion-head pendant hung around his neck, and around it was a red cape. Ainz nodded in acknowledgement. Be the first one to, Overlord Volume 2 The Dark Knight (English), Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Do you have anything to ask me?”. This was because he was focused on taking levels in classes to better roleplay an undead magic caster, and neglected raising his own power. Overlord, Vol. As for the details of the job, I will soon be heading into the nearby forest as planned. Upon hearing Ainz’s confusion, Peter extended his hand to halt him, with the intention of delaying the question for a later date. “…How about asking that man to pay you back? On August 4, a 600,000-copy reprint of the novels was announced. Those solutions are refined from a mineral base, so it’s only natural that the quality of the solution will degrade over time. Ainz took off the sturdy gauntlets, and there were rings on all his bony fingers save the left ring finger. Shrinking the time it took to learn an ability like this should have been the province of a Super tier spell,「Wish Upon A Star」. As long as you lend me your woman for a night, I’ll forgive you.”. After a short silence, Narberal reluctantly replied: “Forget it, this is fine too. In stark contrast to Lizzie’s excitement, Nfirea was calm. A look of surprise came over all four of them. His eyes were sunken in, and his face was a corpse-like pale white, which could be summarized in the word “lifeless.” His scalp was bereft of any hair, nor were there any eyebrows, eyelashes, or any body hair at all. After listening to the sounds around her, she made sure it was safe before casting the 「Message」 spell. There was always a bigger fish, after all. Although he was a teenager, Britta could still guess his name. Though they could build such an impressive city upon the plains, the fact that they had to live on the plains only highlighted humanity’s weakness. There was a very faint smell of grass from him, which came from the cloth pouch tied to his waist. We’re close to a developed region, so the monsters shouldn’t be too strong. As of September 18, 2015, Overlord light novel and manga has over 2 million copies in circulation. Those words made him curious, and awoke a collector’s desire within him. So that was why this woman was asking Ainz to pay up. The other two were 「Rabbit’s Foot」, which boosted luck, and 「Bunny Tail」, which reduced monster aggro. What if it were himself? After another brief pause, Lizzie looked at the bottle of potion she was holding in her hand. Get Extra Stuff, Behind the Scenes, Longer Reviews: Patreon: “Then, Momon-san. After Dyne tried to get everyone back on track, Peter coughed in an incredibly fake manner before continuing: “And so, we’ll be searching for monsters in the nearby region. He was probably the youngest person in the group, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. “…What are you saying, Nfirea? Britta was struck dumb by surprise. Sometimes the names would be in English, or they would come from mythology. With Nfirea’s help, Britta explained simply that she had received the potion from a mysterious man in full plate. The Miko Princesses stood at the heart of the Slaine Theocracy’s rituals. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With that conclusion in mind, Ainz gently said: “…Then how about this, Peter-san? Take a second to support Novels on Patreon! And now you broke it! An acrid odor hung in the air. Listen to AudioBook in the best quality. I even explained it to her before coming to the inn…. Nfirea shook the potion bottle several times and nodded. She is Nabe, I am Momon. What do they call it where you come from, Momon-san?”. Showing her a basic level of courtesy was the secret of successfully blending into society. Ainz frowned as she referred to him as Ainz-sama, but he did not say anything, for the same reasons as just now. “However, I must go in person. Ainz immediately karate chopped Narberal on the head. The best proof of that statement was Gazef Stronoff, who was a warrior without a talent. You look like the sort who can handle all kinds of problems. The Fortress City of E-Rantel stood at the intersection of three borders — those of the Slaine Theocracy, the Baharuth Empire, and the Re-Estize Kingdom. There were species who were physically stronger and possessed more advanced civilizations than humans, but they were not in control of the continent. Several adventurers were chatting in front of it. What if his comrades had interfered with his hand-created NPC (Pandora’s Actor)…. It would be weird to address me like that.”, “B-But! I just heard that name — as Ainz thought this, the boy approached him. After seeing Britta’s hesitant face, Lizzie shook her head and proposed another deal—. The person before him was one of those lucky few who could fully utilize his talent. Ainz had asked that question because he was curious and wanted to acquire an ability which could strengthen Nazarick. Then, I’ll be counting on you, Narberal.”. The grave goods for the deceased had already been taken away. Do you not think so?”. When I was acting out the movements in real life, I accidentally knocked over a cup full of cafe au lait with my left hand. Haven’t we already confirmed that YGGDRASIL coins have monetary value?”, “Indeed, I learned from Carne Village that each YGGDRASIL gold coin is worth two of the local gold coins. She is a magician of the third tier.”. “We’ll call it quits, then. The air in the room seemed to shudder as he said this. I didn’t scare her at all… right?”. A spiral staircase turned up in the corner of the dining area. He thought briefly about it, composed himself, and replied: “It’s not like I don’t… although, that was a recovery potion, am I correct?”, “—All right, I get it, that’s enough. You accepted his potion as compensation, shouldn’t you know its value?”, “How could I? If you wish to see our strength, I will be more than glad to show it to you. An annoyed Ainz wanted to ask his past comrades, “Why are all your NPCs like this?” He did not care what kind of backstory they had, but they needed to have basic social skills, as well as the ability to take note of the time, place, situation, and respond accordingly. After the transition to this mysterious new world, Ainz had gone for a walk without his vassals, something which Albedo blamed herself for. Everyone in the plaza froze where they stood, their eyes were drawn to the two of them. Therefore, aside from the prices they commanded, adventurers did not have much status. The silence was even more deafening than before. However, there were people who sold second-hand items in order to make even stronger ones. Perhaps it was the scent of all the incense absorbed by the stone, but a fragrant smell tickled the girl’s nose. Just as Ainz felt the matter was at an end and turned away, a voice froze him in his tracks. However, this was not part of the graveyard; it was something far more malevolent in nature. Apart from the fame of his grandmother, he had become one of the few notable people in E-Rantel by virtue of his innate talents. Right now, Ainz was part of the latter group, and he wanted to give himself a good punch. Get 1 credit every month to exchange for an audiobook of your choice *No commitment, cancel anytime. items item *No commitment, cancel anytime. However, Ainz possessed darkvision, and he could see clearly with this meager amount of illumination. After there were no more questions, Nfirea announced: In the dead of night, a hooded person entered the giant graveyard of E-Rantel, with steps that made it seem as though it were gliding across the ground. “Pure magic potions are made from alchemical solutions. “…Black eyes and hair like Nabe-san, so he shouldn’t have been born in this area. This might end up being cheaper than the one you bought.”, “That’s true. How about thirty two gold pieces?”. The man laughed at the girl who puffed up her face. That was the fact that Ainz was a mere salaryman, and he had no confidence in running an organization if he had to rely on reports from others, with no direct observation on his part. The inside of the building was quite spacious. They were two tiers lower than Ainz’s main gear, but he had considered that problems might arise from bringing items which were too strong, so he settled for equipment of this level. Those potions act slowly, and all they can do is improve a person’s natural recovery. He envisioned them as people who chased after the unknown and had adventures in various parts of the world. Ainz felt a warm glow of satisfaction as he watched Narberal bowing deeply. After all, he had scrolls, which could substitute for learning those spells. We’re very sorry!”, “…Mm. this unofficial audiobook series aims to bring the light novel version of Overlord to life with different voices for each character, and a narrator to describe all the brutal details of this series. That was because the building the pair had just left was called the "Adventurer’s Guild," It was a place that only monster-hunting professionals would visit, so it was hardly strange to see armed people coming out of there. Nfirea only had one grandmother, who was renowned as the greatest herbalist in this city, Lizzie Bareare. It was hard to imagine that someone who spoke and acted like he did could have eyes like that. Said office was filled with tasteful and exotic furniture, every single piece being of exquisite design and decoration. There were roughly ten people still alive from the members of the Sunlight Scripture captured at Carne Village. There was no way that she — as a former member of the Black Scripture — would not know what would happen when she snatched the Crown of Wisdom away from its bearer. It seemed a bit too close for a fistfight. Call me Momon.”, “…Momon-sa—n sounds kind of stupid, don’t you think? Overlord Blu-Ray Volume 2: Audio Drama. Pleased to meet you.”, “Wonderful, I hope we’ll get along. We will pay the full price!”. He did not have time to scold Narberal now. An illustration of text ellipses. Some rulers would treat armed organizations who were not loyal to the country as enemies. There were very few people who could make good use of their talents. It’s right here! The traders can come and go in peace and the country can collect its taxes. They all knew that Ainz was not an ordinary person. Once more, as suspicion welled up in Ainz, Nfirea smiled and pointed to the plate on Ainz’s breastplate. The circumstances from just now had occurred in the past as well, over and over again. Close. “First room on the right once you go up the stairs. Overlord Volume 2 Chapter 4 Twin Swords of Slashing Death. “Indeed, that is correct. Though he was an adult, the smile on his face looked too youthful. Although Ainz and Narberal did not need to waste space on food and drinks, it would be weird if they did not eat or drink anything, so they had some ready just in case. In addition, the district also contained storehouses for combat rations. As she studied it, her gaze was so focused and keen that it unsettled Britta. Just give me a straight answer — where did you get it from? “It’s fine if you want to sleep in a room, but if you don’t make contacts here, you won’t be able to find party members. Everyone here was fully convinced of that. The Fortress City of E-Rantel stood at the intersection of three borders — those of the Slaine Theocracy, the Baharuth Empire, and the Re-Estize Kingdom. Unlike his own world, where humanity stood atop all living creatures, in this world, humanity was one of the weakest species around. Hey anyone interested, Volume 2 is now up. She went mad~ peeing and crapping herself~”. He gave the impression that he was completely hairless. Britta’s eyes went wide, thinking That’s my line. Lukrut replied in a jovial tone: “Uwah~ that tongue of yours is still so vicious. The price Lizzie had just quoted was a staggering sum. They seemed to be looking at Ainz with different eyes. Without that, it would be hard for even Zuranon to find such a person. It seemed potentially dangerous to one’s body.